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Welcome to the e-learning portal of ISES!

The Institute for Social & European Studies (ISES) together with Corvinus University of Budapest offers international multidisciplinary research and educational programmes that provide young academics and thriving professionals with a diverse education in European integration and regional cooperation, international studies and cultural heritage management.

Our e-learning portal was developed to support small group teaching methods to deepening knowledge and support distance learning. 

Internationally recognized for its high level of academic achievements, ISES was awarded the designation of Jean Monnet European Centre of Excellence in June 2010. This award is granted to university-level institutions by the European Commission for top quality research and innovative teaching related to European Integration.

Thanks to the EGT/Norwegian Fund further course development has been made. The innovative Cultural heritage management and sustainable development course was started in 2009 and the new approach in Cultural heritage management was recognised by the UNESCO. In 2011 ISES was awarded as a UNESCO Chair

E-learning is useful tool for free time allocation for studying and support distance self learning. Nevertheless personal lectures and seminars are always blended into the courses.  

ISES is located in a beautiful Sigray palace, the Europe House, in the picturesque medieval city of Kőszeg, Hungary. 

Every professor and student welcomed.

Kőszeg, March of 2011

Miszlivetz Ferenc

Prof. Dr. Ferenc Miszlivetz

Director of the Institute


Course categories

2012 Fall / Ősz 
 Characterisation: using cultural distinctiveness to manage cultural heritage assets and collections (40 hours): Graham Bell - 2012 FallSummary
 «The past is a foreign country». Geographical models of European identities (40 hours): Mario Neve - 2012Summary
 Management of Cultural Heritage and EU Policies I. (20 hours): Prof. Dr. Tibor Palánkai - 2012Summary
 Built heritage and local governance (20 hours): Dr. Katalin Pallai - 2012Summary
 Intercultural communication (40 hours): Prof. Dr. György Csepeli - CHM_10/11_spri-01Summary
 Környezetgazdaságtan (40 óra): Marjainé Dr. Szerényi Zsuzsanna - CHM_10/11_fall-01Summary
 Zöld gazdaságpolitika (40 óra): Dr. Kiss Károly - CHM_10/11_fall-02Summary
 Társadalmi és gazdasági költséghaszonelemzés (40 óra): Dr. Csutora Mária - CHM_10/11_fall-03Summary
 Környezet és kulturális örökség értékelés (40 óra): Marjainé Dr. Szerényi Zsuzsanna - CHM_10/11_fall-04 Summary
 Cultural Heritage – Legal Background and Case Studies (40 hours): Dr. Gábor Kardos, dr. Judit Kata VirágSummary
 Characterisation: using cultural distinctiveness to manage cultural heritage assets and collections (40 hours): Graham BellSummary
 «The past is a foreign country». Geographical models of European identities (40 hours): Mario NeveSummary
 Managing the Past: the ambiguity of Cultural Heritage in today’s Europe (40 hours): Tor Einar FagerlandSummary

Heritage and the Society 
 Movable & Immovable Heritage and the Society; Heritage Interpretation (20 hours): Dr. Péter Deme and Dr. Ildikó DeákSummary

Economics of Heritage and Heritage Management in a Global Context 
 Heritage sites and management in Asia (20 hours): Dr. József Laszlovszky and Dr. János JelenSummary
 Management of Cultural Heritage and EU Policies I. and II. (40 hours): Prof. Dr. Tibor Palánkai and Dr. Ákos KengyelSummary

 Klasszikus menedzsmentelmélet - I. rész (20 óra) - Prof. Dr. Gaál ZoltánSummary
 Klasszikus menedzsmentelmélet - II. rész (20 óra) - Prof. Dr. Gaál ZoltánSummary

Intangible and Art Heritage 
 Theatre and performance in cultural heritage (20 hours): Dr. Ildikó SiratóSummary
 Art and Aesthetics: National and Universal Cultural Heritage (20 hours): Dr. Zoltán LőrinczSummary

Financing and Marketing 
 Financing the Cultural Heritage Management Institutions and Presenting the Cultural Heritage (20 hours): Dr. Csilla SiklódiSummary

Spacial and Settlement Planning 
 Built heritage and local governance (20 hours): Dr. Katalin PallaiSummary
 Protection and development of landscape and gardening art heritage (20 hours): Dr. Ágnes HerczegSummary

Theory of Cultural Heritage 
 Methodology of Cultural Heritage Studies (20 hours): Dr. József LaszlovszkySummary
 Our Global Food System: A Framework in Crisis (40 hours): Dr. James Skelly / Teaching Assistant: Jenna Goodhand - IER_10/11_spri-01Summary
 Research Methods in Social Sciences (40 hours): Carmen Gabriela Greab - IER_10/11_spri-02Summary
 Construction of Marginal Social Groups (40 hours): Mónika Mátay Ph.DSummary
 Symbolic Geography: East and West in Modern European Historical-Political Thought (40 hours): Dr. Attila PókSummary
 The contemporary China (40 hours): Zsolt Takács, MBASummary
 History of European Integration (40 hours): Krisztina Arató Ph.DSummary
 EU Law and Institutions (40 hours): Matej AccettoSummary
 The History of Political Ideas in the Twentieth Century (40 hours): J. D. MiningerSummary
 Central Europe: concept, identity and politics in the 20th century (40 hours): Dr. István BariskaSummary
 The European Union’s External Relations and Development Policy (40 hours): Dr. Balázs Szent-IványiSummary
 The Global Conversation I (40 hours): Dr. James SkellySummary
 The Global Conversation II (40 hours): Dr. James SkellySummary
 Self, Identity & Conflict (40 hours): Dr. James SkellySummary
 Global Governance and Global Civil Society (40 hours): Jody JensenSummary
 Global Transformations (40 hours): Jody JensenSummary

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