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Our Global Food System: A Framework in Crisis (40 hours): Dr. James Skelly / Teaching Assistant: Jenna Goodhand - IER_10/11_spri-01Information
Research Methods in Social Sciences (40 hours): Carmen Gabriela Greab - IER_10/11_spri-02Information
Construction of Marginal Social Groups (40 hours): Mónika Mátay Ph.DInformation
Symbolic Geography: East and West in Modern European Historical-Political Thought (40 hours): Dr. Attila PókInformation
The contemporary China (40 hours): Zsolt Takács, MBAInformation
History of European Integration (40 hours): Krisztina Arató Ph.DInformation
EU Law and Institutions (40 hours): Matej AccettoInformation
The History of Political Ideas in the Twentieth Century (40 hours): J. D. MiningerInformation
Central Europe: concept, identity and politics in the 20th century (40 hours): Dr. István BariskaInformation
The European Union’s External Relations and Development Policy (40 hours): Dr. Balázs Szent-IványiInformation
The Global Conversation I (40 hours): Dr. James SkellyInformation
The Global Conversation II (40 hours): Dr. James SkellyInformation
Self, Identity & Conflict (40 hours): Dr. James SkellyInformation
Global Governance and Global Civil Society (40 hours): Jody JensenInformation
Global Transformations (40 hours): Jody JensenInformation